All Sandwiches served with fresh-cut fries, house salad or daily soup

1/2 fries and 1/2 salad add $2.

Gluten free bread add $2.

Triple Grilled Cheese $11.95

On sour dough bread, made with swiss, mozza & cheddar cheeses.

Reuben $14.95

classic reuben with pastrami swiss chesses and sauerkraut.

Princeton Signature Clubhouse $14.95

Roasted 6oz chicken breast, basil aioli,  smoked cheddar cheese & bacon.

Beef Dip $14.95

In-house slow roasted beef with au jus.

Philly Cheese Beef Sandwich $15.95

open face on a baguette topped with a jalapeno cheese sauce served with fires.

Veggie Sandwich $12.95

with avocado, cucumber, peppers, red onions, lettuce and our homemade basil aioli.

B.L.T.C. Sandwich $13.95

with basil aioli & smoked cheddar cheese.

Princeton Salad $10.95
spring mix greens.

Caesar Salad $11.95

served with garlic toast.

grilled chicken Caesar $14.95

Chicken Avocado & Bacon Salad $15.95

spring mix greens with 6oz grilled chicken breast served with bacon and avocado & garlic toast.

Daily Homemade Soup & Sandwich $10.95

hearty soups are made in-house served with a daily sandwich.